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I own a huge library of license-free SonicFire® SmartSound production music, encompassing a wide range of musical styles. We can select the music that is appropriate for your project, and even customize it to fit the appropriate mood, adding or subtracting instruments as required. Better yet, let me compose the music and vocals for your jingle or project and record it. You will have license-free music that you can truly call your own, rather than something that is available for others to use as well. As a semi-professional musician for over 20 years, I know a number of talented local musicians who can assist in the recording if necessary, or bring your own to help out if you'd prefer.

You can choose the music that you want for your project right here. Simply click the links for each title. This will bring you to the SonicFire site where you can audition the various clips. Make a note of the one(s) you like and we'll fine-tune it to match the feel of the project !

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Core Foundations
A collection of versatile tracks from many genres. From small ensembles to large orchestras, these selections can work with your project either as main features or in supporting roles. New age, classical, jazz, and action soundtrack styles take center stage.

Core Sessions
An array of contemporary styles made to support your vision. Like 'Core Foundations', this collection offers versatility but with a focus on a premium blend of rock, R&B, Latin and smooth jazz.

Corporate Ambition
Featuring confident, competitive orchestral selections to generate excitement. Inspire passion and vision with these uplifting, dynamic tracks.

Corporate Undercurrents
Forward-moving works geared for instilling the idea of progress. Upbeat and inspiring, these selections can help set a course toward success.

Edge Breakbeat
Push the limits of sound with the hyped-up beats of DJ-based electronica. These pulse-pounding tracks reflect the various facets of the current electronica scene, and can supply a slick backdrop for productions involving action or drama. From funk-fused electronica to driving breakbeats and soaring synths, these grooves can put your scenes on the map.

Edgy Drama TV
Gripping soundscapes designed to double the impact and tension of your dramatic project. Features edgy modern instrumentation in sync with current TV production trends. These cues are designed to work together in various dramatic scenarios across an entire series. Includes matching title and end theme pairs and a collection of bumpers.

Emotional Journeys
A thoughtful selection of emotive tracks to add a light touch to your scene. From passionate to airy, sensual to innocent, these subtle soundtracks add emotional depth while being unobtrusive in the scene.

Ethereal Dreams
A light, warm collection of new-age soundscapes. These sonic textures evoke a calm, otherworldly feeling for your visual production. Perfect for romantic situations, undersea videos or to evoke a dreamy feeling.

Guitar Grooves
No-nonsense driving rock, loaded with big riffs and adrenaline to rev up any scene. Electric guitar at its best, featuring a versatile batch of textures - from snarling to sweet.

Jazz Synergy
Confident jazz tracks to give your message an uplifting spin. Whether you're announcing record profits or underscoring urban nightlife, these tracks prove that you are on top of your game. Sophisticated and smart, they can project the mood of a bright future.

Lasting Memories
Poignant orchestral selections for supporting meaningful moments. From melancholy to hopeful, this collection can tug at the heartstrings.

Latin Blend
An indispensable collection of spicy, percussive grooves and breezy ballads with a Latin influence. Traditional and modern arrangements capture the glowing essence of this thriving genre.

Narrative Impulse
Crisp and confident recordings, perfectly balanced for contemporary visual themes. Ranging from smooth jazz to world beat, this flavorful collection has as much depth and sophistication as your audience.

Night Grooves
An intimate collection of sultry beats and shimmering hooks. From funky to sophisticated, these slow jams are well-suited for scenes of romantic chemistry and secret rendezvous.

Reality Drama TV
Explosive orchestral themes packed with a big-league, network-ready sound. Charged-up drums and percussion coupled with symphonic strokes evoke all the chaos and glory of head-on competition. These cues are designed to work together in various dramatic scenarios across an entire series. Includes matching title and end theme pairs and a collection of bumpers.

Serene Dream
This collection features ethereal, relaxing music for moments of reflection and contemplation. Take your viewers on a journey beyond the barriers of space and time with these intriguing tracks.

Sinister Cinema
Dark and foreboding robust orchestral soundscapes. Composed and produced for aural immersion into your epic story, these tracks will envelop your audience in otherworldly brooding and atmospheric sounds. Orchestral brass and strings fused with rich electronic sounds complete your vision.

Spiritual Outreach
Contemporary arrangements of classic hymns that provide a spiritual lift to your productions. These essential melodies provide a backdrop for reaching out to a diverse community.

Story Lines
Enhance your story with these flowing, understated backdrops. These unobtrusive melodies can aid in narrative development and tap into the subconscious. Great for documentaries or projects that touch the heart and mind.

Theatrical Impact
A collection of heart-pounding ominous soundtracks ideal for hard-hitting movie trailers. Use the huge gothic choirs and vast percussion to grab hold of your audience's emotions. Also great for intense scenes of action or intrigue.

Travel and Leisure
Relax and unwind with these casual music beds for your travel footage. Whether strolling the plaza or going for a weekend jaunt, these tracks are the perfect travel companions.

Urban Hustle
Energize your productions with authentic, old-school funk. This ultra-tasty mix of bouncing bass and juicy guitar licks satisfies the need for that funky downtown sound.


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