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Welcome to Mitch Amatrudo Voice, Music & Sound, located in Manchester, CT, your top source for quality voice-overs, music and sound production, and studio services. With the talents, services, and equipment that I have to offer, you can now have your project created and delivered quickly, and in it's entirety from a single source. You no longer have to coordinate separate voice talent, composers, and studios, and hope that they all come together to meet your deadline. I can do it all ! Click on the appropriate links for more information and for demo presentations for the services you're interested in, and please ask if you need a service that you don't see listed here. Thanks for visiting !

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Professionally trained in interpreting and delivering copy, let me reach out to your audience to make your product or service be heard loudly and clearly in television and radio. I can deliver material in a no-nonsense, professional manner, or with character acting. A wide variety of special effects including reverbs, delays, backward, and "monster" sounds are easily obtained in my custom-designed recording and editing studio.


I have access to a huge library of licensing-free production music, encompassing a wide range of musical styles. We can select the music that is appropriate for your project, then I can tone it down, amp it up, or re-arrange it so that it is just right ! Better yet, let me compose the music and vocals for your jingle or project and record it just for you. You will have licensing-free music that you can truly call your own, rather than something that is available for others to use as well. As a semi-professional musician for over 30 years, I have access to a number of talented local musicians who can assist in the recording if necessary, or bring your own to help out if you'd prefer.


Many businesses use an employee speaking into a telephone handset to record their prompts. While this practice is "good enough" to many, most modern phone systems are equipped to accept a much higher quality signal. I can provide you with a professional quality recording of all of your voice prompts, and work with a technician from your system provider to integrate them into your system. Potential new customers calling you for the first time will notice the difference, as will your loyal regular clients, and they will be impressed. If your system supports music or message on hold, I can professionally record it for you. Combine it with a clip of production music created just for your business for the complete package !

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The number of applications for voice, music, and sound in corporate and retail environments is practically endless. I can provide voice and music for any situation that requires it. Narration of PowerPoint presentations, voicing for in-store promotions, audio "tour guide" narrations, video games, and more. I can also work alone or with your video production outfit to narrate your corporate videos including training materials, promotional packages, instructional videos for installers / technicians, and more. The recordings can be produced in my Manchester, CT studio or I can arrange to travel to your video production studio if preferred.

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I can fully produce your audio book projects right here in my home studio including recording, editing, scoring, and sound effects. I can recreate different male characters myself, or enlist the services of other voice talent to achieve the added realism of different characters. Or if you prefer, you can assemble your own cast of characters and I will work "behind the scenes" as director, engineer, and editor. Remember, modern digital editing techniques make it possible to record different characters at different times, which eliminates the need to assemble the entire cast at the same time for each recording session.


I can edit, manipulate, and import licensing-free music and atmosphere tracks into your short film project, as well as compose and record original score music. I can also produce sound effects tracks and foley sounds. I have a collection of "off the rack" sound effects and can also record files "on location" using high-quality portable digital audio recording equipment. SMPTE capability and even 5.1 digital surround-sound are possible at Mitch Amatrudo Voice, Music & Sound.


Are your prospective customers falling asleep at their terminals while searching for just the right product or service to suit their needs ? Make your web site come alive with streaming audio and video. When customers or clients click on a page they can hear a narrative of what you have to offer instead of just having to read it. Alone, or with background music or sound effects, your site will suddenly take on a new life of it's own. Since most computer users have made the transition to broadband technology, streaming audio and video is quickly becoming the rule, rather than the exception. Get a head start over your competitors and take advantage of this technology, and of my services today. I can provide you or your web designer with the audio files you need to include on your web pages in any digital format.


My services are not only limited to providing voice and music. Need a song transferred from cassette to CD for your daughter's dance recital ? Can't find that great old album on CD anywhere and need someone to make a CD out of it ? I can provide practically any service related to music or sound. Please click the above link for more information.

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